The Namasté foundation is established in the year 2002 to provide funding for an existing project supporting unprivileged orphans in the village of Laxman Jhula in North-India.

Only seven years ago, 75% of all children in Laxman Jhula were analphabetic or were suffering from malnutrition. The infant mortality rate and the percentage of analphabetic women in the community were amongst the highest in the whole of India.
In a wide perimeter around Laxman Jhulafew schools existed and the ones that did were in terrible condition. There was no clean water, sanitary facilities, adequate furniture, or books. Teachers were responsible for classes consisting of up to a hundred students.
An American doctor, Mrs. Prabhavati, was so affected by the living standards of some of the children in Laxman Jhula that she founded an orphanage by the name of "Ramana's Garden".

Ramana's Garden
Ramana's Garden is an orphanage which is providing shelter for children that are either orphaned, abandoned, sold by their family, or with a background in prostitution. The orphanage has also been taking in refugee children from Nepal.

This home for destitude children is now sheltering nearly 60 children and consists of several dormitory buildings, a shared dining room, and a small farm with cows, goats and a vegetable garden.
Soon the compound will harbour a restaurant which will be serving organic food for tourists visiting Laxman Jhula. This restaurant will generate income for the orphanage as well as providing a chance to learn saleable skills for the older children working there.

Dr. Prabhavati is also supporting the most unfortunate inhabitants of Laxman Jhula with medical assistance, financial aid, and consultation.

Say Yes Now Project
Dr. Prabhavati started an important project with the name "Say Yes Now". Through this project, the children of the lower castes, the so called untouchables, will get an opportunity for education.

The first priority in this project is to feed the children who are attending the schools, many were previously ill through malnutrition. In order to provide the children with a healthy lunch she started to cultivate vegetables providing a steady supply of nutritious food.
The fact that the children were given a lunch was a stimulus for the parents to send them to school instead of having them work.
The older girls were often kept at home to take care of their younger brothers or sisters. Therefore Dr. Prabhavati founded pre-schools for these younger children, releasing the older girls from their task.

All the schools are issuing the so called ICIT certificate after graduation. This certificate makes it possible for children to further their education including sites outside India.

During the start-up period, Dr. Prabhavati was dependent on the financial support from a major charitable organization. Later she received support from individual, business, and corporate donors.
Individuals are also contributing by working as volunteers with the children.

The foundation Namasté India was initially created to manage the donations coming from the Netherlands. This is expanded to United States, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

The foundation's board is working actively to support Dr. Prabhavati in any way possible. They work with the philosophy:
"If people need fish, teach them to fish...".

Mission Statement

The foundation's mission is to acquire funds supporting projects coupled with a comprehensive support system and education opportunities for those in need in India and other developing countries.



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